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In New York, deeds must include the names and addresses of both the seller and the purchaser along with a complete legal description of the property being transferred. All signatures must be original and notarized properly according to New York state requirements before submitting for recording. When presenting to the county, two forms, the TP-584 & the RP-5217 are also necessary.

RP 5217 Form

The barcode found at the bottom of the RP-5217, captures all data entered and recalculates each time the information is changed/added/deleted. The form must be saved every time the document is re-opened and changed in order to capture the changes prior to being printed for signatures. It is imperative that the transfer information be complete & accurate when entered into the document Get the form here!

TP 584

Each county in New York assesses transfer taxes on deeds with a valuable consideration of $500 or above. Although the fees vary by county, they are generally calculated by a dollar amount per $500 or $1,000 of the purchase price. Because the transfer is also taxed at the state level, counties often lump its tax and the state's together. File Form TP-584 must be filed for each conveyance of real property from a grantor to a grantee and include the Social Security numbers for both. Out of state sellers may have different requirements.

STAR Exemption

Are you or your client eligible for STAR tax exemption? If you own your home, it’s your primary residence, and your income is $500,000 or less, you’re eligible for the Basic STAR credit. In addition, if you’re 65 or older with an income of $88,050 or less, you may be eligible for the Enhanced STAR credit. In the first year of home ownership you may receive the prior owner’s STAR exemption. In future years, as long as you’re eligible, you will receive a STAR check. You don’t need to register again.  Click here for information on how to register.


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